What I Wore: Parade Night

All day on Friday, people kept saying, “What a lovely dress you’re wearing!” To this I would respond by showing them that I was in fact not wearing a dress, but a romper gifted to me by my hellee, perfect for climbing trees and riding bikes:

Making an extra creepy face to show off my increased sartorial dexterity.

It’s daisy printed and has a dark blue background, which I thought would be appropriate because daisies are the official flower of Bryn Mawr and dark blue is my class color (evens ’til we’re dead!). The romper format seemed useful because sometimes it’s hard to sit on the ground for a long time in a dress. Also, this is a goofy enough garment that I thought maybe I should wear it first in front of people who are feeling the Parade Night spirit and will be forgiving about my silly clothing choices. My aforementioned hellee, Anna, is set to graduate in 2014 as well (she is extra ambitious and planning on graduating in 3 years, which makes me want to say weepily, “My little baby is all grown up!” and plant an embarrassing lipsticky kiss on her forehead like a good mom) so we were matching in our dark blue:

Me and my babygirl.

Isn’t she the cutest? Also, am I the only person who absolutely loves being matching with other people? My grandma used to buy me and my older sister matching fluffy dresses and frilly socks for Sunday School and I absolutely loved it.

On Parade Night, it’s the Sophomores’ responsibility to gently sprinkle water (via water balloons and squirt guns) upon the first-year students as they run through campus. As their sister class, we juniors are expected to shower the new students with flowers and candy. I threw a combination of rose petals I foraged (I’ve noticed the rose bushes shedding, I was able to gather a generous number of petals from the ground beneath them) and bread crumbs because, you know, Bread and Roses. I tossed in a little glitter too, for good measure. It felt so great to be back in the traditions spirit, sitting on a blanket with my friends and singing songs with my fellow Mawrters, sprinkling rose petals, glitter, and bread crumbs like a fairy princess flower girl Gretel, and of course frolicking in Taft under the warm night sky after we finished singing a lullaby to our sister class.

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