Bee Yourself

One thing you’ll learn about me quickly is that I love bees. Bees are wonderful, magical creatures. The structure of their hives has a certain beauty and order, they are the backbone of our agricultural system, and they inspire great poetry. For these reasons and many others, I was excited to learn that Bryn Mawr had a beekeeping club when I first arrived as a frosh. I joined as soon as I found out about it and am now the president of the Beekeeping Club. We have a few hives that are about a ten minute stroll from campus at a wonderful farm. I’m thrilled to start up this season of beekeeping, here’s a photo of me as well as our secretary and web mistress, as well as the posters we made, at Fall Frolic:

When I visited DC last weekend, along with seeing some wonderful art I also got a chance to visit the White House beehives. Did y’all know about these? In association with the White House vegetable garden, there is a colony of honeybees! I like to imagine Mr. and Ms. Obama putting fresh honey into the coffee they drink every morning while gazing into each others’ beautiful eyes. Here’s a photo of the White House hives, courtesy of my friend Maggie:


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